Introducing SESH: Now on your tablet and mobile phone

We are proud to announce that the Nar-Anon SESH daily reader is now available for digital purchasing. As of today it is on sale on Apple’s iBookstore for $14.99USD, and it’s also available in 50 other countries in their respective currencies. The SESH can be downloaded onto, and viewed by, any Apple mobile device (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch). And if you have multiple devices, only one purchase is necessary to get the SESH onto all of them.

The SESH has also been submitted to the Google Play store to be available for purchase by anyone who has an Android mobile phone and/or tablet. When available, it will also be priced at $14.99USD (and in all participating International countries on Google Play in their respective currencies).

Update: The SESH is now also available through Amazon’s Kindle Store!

Click below to purchase!

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