Site Issue Report - Group Address Changes and Additions


In an effort to be transparent with our members, this is a brief report to let everyone know about a small technical issue that we’re having with the website.

The Issue

In the platform that we use for our site, there is something called a “module” which is a block of information that we fill with data which it then displays on the site. Recently, the module that lists group locations has become non-compliant, and therefore we currently cannot change existing addresses, nor add addresses for new groups.

The Solution

For now, we have resorted to adding the newer addresses in the “Description” field of the group listing, and doing so in a bold red color. See the image blow as an example:

We are working diligently to permanently fix this issue, and hopefully come out more efficient on the other end. Thank you for your understanding and support!

- Nar-Anon World Service Office

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